The newly released Nous’s thermostats clothes have received much attention from mothers because of its sophistication and convenience. However, many mothers are also confused due to conflicting information around the product. This article will help mothers understand more about Nous’s thermostats clothes!

Do they make babies uncomfortable because of tightness?

Product image of Nous thermostat

Having a tight design to keep babies warm best, Nous thermoustats make some mothers worry whether their babies feel uncomfortable while wearing them.

Mothers should feel completely assured because of the super soft fabric material of the Nous thermostats. The woven fabric is tight but not completely rubbing against the babies’ skin. In contrast, babies will feel comfortable because of the smoothness and coolness of Nu Thermo fabric – the material of Nous thermostats.

This fabric material enhances the ability to hold heat, hugging the babies’ bodies while ensuring softness and lightness when used. Every babies’ movement is also easier to support. 

Will smooth fabric surface after washing be ruffled?

One of the biggest features of the Nous products is always focus on soft fabric material to suit babies’ skin most. Nous thermostats are no exception.

However, although the surface of the fabric is very soft, the product can avoid being ruffled completely if mothers notice some mistakes as follows: washing with the machine, rubbing too hard or washing and preserving with adult’s clothes.

Mothers should handwash the clothes with gently rubbing and without friction, use specialized detergent for babies’ clothes. If mothers have to wash with the machine, it is suitable to use a separate laundry bag and not wash with adult’s clothes.

Are Nous thermostats only suitable for the cold season?

Many mothers misunderstand that Nous thermostats are only used in cold weather, but in the summer when every family has a habit of using air conditioners, Nous thermostats are perfectly suitable for babies in this condition.

With the above information, mothers must have partly understood more about Nous thermostats. This will definitely be an innovative gift for mothers to protect their babies’ health.

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