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There are small but extremely important items, especially for babies, and each small item has its own meaning. In particular, scratch mittens and socks are also indispensable items in babies’ baskets. Therefore, Nous scratch mittens are always trusted by mothers for their babies. It is also the motivation for Nous fashion to develop further in the future.


Why should mothers choose Nous scratch mittens for babies?

The time when babies are in the wombs is cramped, but they feel protected and preserved. When they come out to the world, they are often very sensitive and have difficulty in adapting to some things. Besides, the babies’ fingernails are gradually getting longer, which worries parents that babies can hurt themselves. Under such circumstances, Nous scratch mittens seem to be a measure that can solve all the above “problems” and the fact is that mothers have given them these scratch mittens for a very long time. So preparing babies pretty small Nous scratch mittens is an essential job to help them feel comfortable while developing physically and intellectually.

In addition, Nous scratch mittens also help keep babies warm. This is especially important because babies cannot adjust their own temperature and need taking care from parents. Therefore, when coming into the Nous babies’ clothing agents, mothers not only choose Nous newborn clothes but also love extremely cute little things for their babies: Nous scratch mittens and socks, Nous hats, etc.

Genuine Nous scratch mittens


How to purchase Nous scratch mittens for babies

Scratch mittens are products that directly contact with babies’ skin. Thus, in order to choose the right pair of scratch mittens, mothers should pay attention to the following points:

Choose soft, easy to absorb sweat, and well-ventilated materials

As well as choosing clothes, when choosing baby scratch mittens, mothers also need to look for soft and easy to absorb sweat materials to ensure babies’ sensitive skin is not scratched and uncomfortable when they move and sweat. If you are unsure about your ability to choose things, you can go to prestigious stores to ensure the quality of products with the most reasonable price.

Check scratch mittens, remove the excessive fabric seams

Recently, there are many unfortunate stories about babies wearing scratch mittens for a long time and their hands are wrapped in excessive fabric seams, causing hematoma and necrosis. To protect your babies from this risk, carefully check the scratch mittens before buying and immediately remove the excessive fabric seams before wearing for your babies. Besides, you should clean babies’ hands regularly to make sure there is not too much sweat on their hands.

Come to Nous babies’ clothing agents for advice and choose the best quality products for your babies!


Nous scratch mittens – quality is always confirmed

With the prestige is a high-quality fashion brand for newborns and babies, Nous products are always manufactured according to high standards from the selection of input materials to finishing and packaging. Nous babies’ clothing agents always try their best to bring higher quality products to better meet the demand of customers.

If mothers always believe in choosing Nous at the Nous genuine agents, mothers will know how the quality of the products is. Nous scratch mittens are made from 100% cotton and soft material, absolutely not cause discomfort or skin irritation to ensure the comfort for babies. In addition, cotton material also helps absorb sweat very well so that babies will not sweat a lot during the summer days.

However, in the summer, parents can reduce the time of using scratch mittens for babies. After the first 1-2 months, parents should not let babies wear scratch mittens but should pay attention to changing their scratch mittens often and removing them when at home (in the summer) or at bedtime (in the winter). This both ensures the development of the babies’ grip functions, and avoids the unfortunate “accidents” that occur when babies’ hands are caught in the excessive fabric seams. Depending on the weather and the development of babies, mothers should decide to use scratch mittens for babies for how long.


Nous babies’ clothing agents are always ready to serve mothers and babies with the best quality products, making babies happy all day long.

Currently there are a number of advertising shops selling Nous products at lower prices than listed ones, and in fact, some babies and mothers have bought poor quality products. This not only affects the brand of Nous newborn clothing, but also affects mothers and babies’ beliefs about the products.

All Nous newborn clothing products on packaging that do not have enough clear stamps and labels are non-original and may be counterfeit. 

Because of your babies’ health, be a smart consumer!